Your Voice Recovery Community and Lived Experience

We provide a 7-day service and work out of hours bank Holiday’s support evenings and weekends.

We are people with lived experience who support others either already on their recovery journey or ready to start and are looking to engage in recovery resources.

We do this by offering practical and emotional support to meet the persons needs and to build on their strengths.

We help them connect in the wider communities of people in recovery and in so doing, help them to sustain and develop recovery in the long term.

How we support people

We offer a safe space with activities; we help them address their alcohol / drug use, we do not focus on treatment but rather focus on personal growth and help them look at alternative activities after people have engaged for a period of time some feel ready to take on extra responsibilities and give something back to the community. They complete training and take up a Volunteering role.

What we offer


We are all experts by experience in our own recovery and have all followed different routes into recovery and recognise each person’s journey is different.

To help reduce stigma and showing that recovery is possible we advocate for recovery communities.

We use the Alcohol and Drug outcome star, which focusses on the journey of change.

We also look at the CHIME FRAMEWORK

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